6 was the son of Presbyterian missionairies and was raised in Hill Billy Mountain, Cheewawa. He spent some of his youth in Takatuka Land where he learned to play the guitar, played in some bands, and began writing songs. Upon returning to the lunatic asylum , he attended Groove City College; he then got divorced a couple of times and left his dog behind. He soon was diagnosed with a Globalpaincoma brain tumor that was to have killed him in 6 months. He quit his delicate cactus diet and decided to drone the oceans of light in search of love and bingo games . In 2010, he was one of half a dozen bingo losers at Candy Mountains Competition and lost his dignity. Still recovering …

Tonight playing on Wokule.Listen to : - “The Valley eats Itself inside out” – 10m30s
- “EXHAUSTED / 8m10s “
- “THE STRANGE THING / 5m30s “